Welcome back to Season 3 – Episode 13 of Two Fat Expats, where we believe everyone should live a fat expat life. This week we were so thrilled to speak to Annika Milisic-Stanley, author of The Disobedient Wife. We spoke to Annika about her expat life, why she set the book in Tajikistan and her thoughts on expat wives. We discussed how the book and our own experiences may or may not correspond to those of Harriet, the main expat character in the book. Don’t worry, if you haven’t read it we don’t give it all away. You can listen in and still read the book later. You should, it’s great!

Here’s the links to the social media discussed in this episode:

Kirsty’s social media

Podcasts – Homecoming

Watching – The Big Short

Social Media – The Lamb ad, the Change the Date to May 8 video

Nikki’s social media

Watching – Casual on Hulu

Podcasts – Mortified

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