We’re back with Episode 5, Season 3 of Two Fat Expats, encouraging you to live a fat expat life. This week we had our first Book Club discussion about Diplomatic Incidents: The Memoirs of an (Un)Diplomatic Wife, by Cherry Denman.

We asked our listeners about their own diplomatic incidents.

We had some fabulous stories from the group, listen in to hear them.

This week Marnie, an Aussie in Singapore left us a voice message about how much she enjoyed the book. Leave us a message, we love to hear them. Can you see the prompt just to the right of the page? Click it and talk.

The next book will be The Disobedient Wife, by Annika Milisic-Stanley.

We chose this by running a live vote while we were recording the podcast, that was fun to watch in real time.

Here’s the links to the social media discussed in this episode:

Nikki’s social media

Watching – back on Hulu catching up with Greys Anatomy and some other weekly dramas. The Holderness Family Wine Pairing on YouTube.

Podcast – Keepin’ it 1600 The US election stays fascinating.

Reading – After You, Jojo Moyes

Kirsty’s social media

Podcast – Phoebe’s Fall

Reading – Big Little Lies, Liane Moriaty

Watching – Catastrophe, Season 2


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