Welcome to Season Four, Episode Two. We’re back with our new season and new format, still trying a few things out. Posts that were big in the group this week, return locations, Doha Book Group, the life of a container and Russian washing machine settings. Hot Topic of the week was how you feel in your current situation, powerless or powerful or somewhere in between? Lots of great insights from the group for this issue, we shared some of our favourites.

The Blog post that spawned our Topic of the Week

Powerless and Pissed Off

After you listen we want you to come to the website and send us your thoughts. Are you feeling powerless and pissed off or altogether different? Share your experience on our speakpipe / messenger button. We’d love to include your story in our next episode.

Here’s the links to the social media discussed in this episode:

Kirsty’s social media

Watching – Survivor Australia

Reading – The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – Rebecca Skloot

Podcasts – Ladies we need to talk

Other Things – Zoodles, Nice Cream, Cauliflower Rice & the Zero app

Nikki’s social media

Podcasts – Unspeakable

Reading – Who Thought This Was a Good Idea – Alyssa Mastromonaco

Watching – Ozark

Other Things – Rocur accounts – @Netherlanders @peopleofUK @peopleofAustralia @I_amGermany

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