Making Expat Life Large

Expats or Immigrants? – Episode 3 – Season One

Thank you so so much for coming back to see us. We’re hoping we’re going to get better and better at this as we go along, so thanks for sticking with us while we work out which buttons to push! Here’s the show notes for episode three. The first article we talked about was this one on Silicon Africa written by Mawuna Koutonin. Kirsty’s favourite podcasts which are all on iTunes are: This.. Read More

Episode Two

You came back! Thank you so much. On Episode Two Sarah acknowledged that yes, losing her husband would be harder than moving :-). We spoke about a blog post of Kirsty’s In Case Of Death, and covered why you need to get a few extra things organised as an expat, it’s not just a will and a next of kin. In some countries your bank account may be frozen and.. Read More

Episode One

Hello and a big fat welcome to Two Fat Expats. Thanks for sticking with us through our sound issues in episode one, we promise we’ll get better next week. On episode one we mentioned our business BloggingME and the fabulous event we had at Four Seasons Doha. We also raved about Beth McDonald and her fabulous blog Baby Mac. Sarah talked of her love for Cupcakes and Cashmere. And the.. Read More

An Expat Podcast With Weight

Our first expat podcast is on its way! I have no idea what I’m doing. I really thought making a podcast would be as easy as a 25 minute chat into garageband and a simple upload to iTunes – errr, no. It appears I need to learn how to make a RSS feed. Which would be great – if I knew was an RSS feed was. I’m hoping this podcast.. Read More