Making Expat Life Large

Episode 17 – Expat Divorce

Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats. Today we discuss the subject of expat divorce and why an expat divorce is vastly different from an ordinary divorce in your home country. We heard from two women, both who have gone through divorce on what they learned, and what they would have done differently. We wanted to say thank you to Vanessa and Nicky, their stories showed what.. Read More

Episode 16 – What’s It Like To Repatriate?

On today’s episode Kirsty and I discuss the thought of repatriation. Something neither of us has had to do but something that is always in the back of our mind. Why is going home such a scary thing to so many expats? What happens when we get home? What does it look like? Is it harder to make friends? Can we start again or do we just pick up where we.. Read More

Episode 15 – The Expat Bubble

In this episode of Two Fat Expats we chat about living inside an expat bubble. This article written by Alyssa Abkowitz from the Wall Street Journal focuses on expats need to live in an expat bubble. Kirsty talked about her recent trip to Dubai and being in the expat bubble because she was really just living her every day life. There is a huge difference between travelling through a country and.. Read More

Episode 14 – Expat Sex

In this episode we cover the sometimes taboo subject of sex. We have some hilarious stories to share this episode, so if you like a good laugh this is the one for you. In the Middle East, many websites are quickly blocked whenever you search anything sex related. Now though with VPNs and technology, finding sex online is much easier. That sexy book you’ve always wanted to read? You can now.. Read More

On The Road – Ali Longmate

Hello and welcome to a new series for Two Fat Expats. Our podcast will now be coming to you twice a week. On Mondays you can tune in and listen to our normal format where Kirsty and I discuss all things expat. Thursdays is the day for our new series “On the Road”. Kirsty and I will be interviewing expats both from all over the world, we have some really interesting.. Read More

Episode 13 – The Empty Expat Nest

In this episode Kirsty and Sarah discuss the expat empty nest. What happens when your children go off to boarding school or university. Kirsty shared her personal story of getting ready to send her eldest daughter to boarding school in Australia. You can read more of Kirsty’s story on her blog. A lot of the discussion centered around other people’s reactions and perhaps the best way to deal with negative.. Read More

Episode 12 – Stereotypes

In this episode Kirsty and Sarah discuss stereotypes from different countries and what we as expats and travellers both love and hate about stereotypes in equal measure. This time last week in Australia, the Australian team won the world cup in cricket. The media focussed on two particular events in the press. Apart from the obvious win, and the ticker tape parade. During the game, the Australian wicket keeper put.. Read More

Episode 11 – What do you miss from home?

In this episode Kirsty and Sarah discuss all the things they miss from home. The longer you spend away from home the less material things you miss and you start to miss things like the smell of rain, the sunset in the country or the cicadas making a racket on a summer’s evening. It goes without saying that we miss the 3 Fs the most (family, friends and food). Kirsty.. Read More

Episode 10 – International Schooling – How do you choose?

In this episode, Kirsty and Sarah discuss the all important topic of international schooling and how to choose the right school for your child. Sarah’s daughter has only been at one school and they felt the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) was the right fit for them. Kirsty’s children have been through the British, Canadian and American curriculum. We covered it all this episode: curriculum, location, after school activities, school communication,.. Read More

The Ugly Expat – Season One – Episode Nine

Hello and welcome to Two Fat Expats. Episode 9 and Kirsty and Sarah are discussing the ugly expat…and we don’t mean looks! Once again the Mawuna Koutonin article made an appearance, this time in The Guardian. Kirsty and Sarah believe that everyone who lives and works overseas as a non-permanent resident should be called an expatriate regardless of race, colour or socioeconomic status. What are the bad stereotypes of an ugly.. Read More

Expat Pregnancy, Infertility and Childbirth – Seaon One – Episode Eight

In this episode Kirsty and Sarah discuss having babies and infertility in the expat world. Sarah and Kirsty come from different ends of the spectrum with Kirsty giving birth to 4 babies in different countries while Sarah has struggled with infertility issues and miscarriages. The first article we discussed was this one from the Wall Street Journal. A common theme among many expats giving birth and undergoing fertility treatment is.. Read More

International Women’s Day – Season One – Episode Seven

Happy International Women’s Day! Firstly, our apologies for the sound this week, I’m afraid our microphone taught us a few new tricks. It won’t happen again! International Women’s Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. We are surrounded by International Women’s Groups in the this expat world. What does being an International Women mean to you? For.. Read More

Expat Guilt – Season 1 – Episode Six

We investigated expat guilt this week. From the moment we think about leaving a little bit of guilt sneaks in. No matter how excited, how terrified, there’s an inkling. The guilt of disrupting others lives, whether it’s as simple as moving the family dog, or as complicated as the school age child. If you’re in your 20’s (and you’re ten foot tall and bullet proof with all the time in the.. Read More

What’s In Your Employment Contract? – Episode Five – Season One

Again, we’d like to thank everyone who has listened, reviewed and rated our podcast series. A big shout out to David from the ABC Sunshine Coast in Australia. Dave gave us a great review on his radio show and we are eternally grateful..we owe you a beer Dave! You can hear Dave’s fabulous review here. To find out more about ABC radio click here. In this episode, we spoke about.. Read More

Saying Goodbye – Episode Four – Season One

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of Two Fat Expats. We’re a little bit worried that the first few seconds are a little bit shaky, but we just couldn’t resist the opera singing. I know, you’d expect more from women our age! Here’s the show notes for episode four. The first post we talked about “The Expat Cycle” was a blog post written by Kirsty on her personal blog 4.. Read More