Making Expat Life Large

I’m From Here You’re From There – When you are your partner are from different countries – Season One – Episode 26

Welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats. Firstly, our apologies for no into song this week. We’ve had all sorts of technical problems at Two Fat Expats Headquarters. Our intro song that we went to the trouble of recording before Kirsty headed off to Australia went with her laptop to laptop heaven. Shall we all just take a moment in silence while we remember all of those laptops and.. Read More

The Long Distance Expat – Surviving the Distance – Season One – Episode 24

Hello and welcome to episode 24! It’s Summer holidays on this side of the world so we thought it was a great time to talk about long distance relationships. As expats there are many times we have to be separated from our partners. Visa restrictions, schooling, fly in fly out careers, there are plenty of reasons why at times you’ll be in a long distance relationship. How does that work.. Read More

Should I stay or should I go? The Expat Break – Seasone One – Episode 23

Welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats. Kirsty is back home in Australia at the beach house soaking up the gorgeous Aussie atmosphere and Sarah is still in Doha enjoying/enduring the last of the stifling heat until Winter in Australia beckons at the end of July. In this episode we are talking about holidays and what they look like for an expat. Do you head to your home country.. Read More

The Best Goodbyes – Season One – Episode 22

How do you have a successful goodbye? The best parties, the best gifts, the best things you’ve received when you left. We discuss all of this and more in today’s episode. How quickly have you had to leave a country? Or have you been packing to leave and then told you’re staying? We shared your stories and talked about our own experiences. Thank you to Sheridan who spoke to us.. Read More

The Scariest Place You’ve Ever Lived – Season One – Episode 21

Where have you lived that you’ve been truly scared. What makes us scared? And why do we still agree to live there? Are our fears warranted and do we get over them? Where’s the scariest place you’ve lived and why? We spoke to Emma who has lived in London, Moscow, Jakarta and Houston. The scariest place she’s lived may just surprise you. We also heard from Teresa who said Haiti was.. Read More

Episode 20 – When The Expat Child Goes To University

In this episode of Two Fat Expats, we discuss what happens when your expat child heads off to University. Have you ever considered that your expat child may repatriate without you? What’s different about going to university for an expat child compared to a child who has stayed in their home country their whole life? We were very lucky to speak to Daniel an expat kid who moved to the.. Read More

Episode 19 – I Don’t Feel Like I Fit In Here

Everyone suffers from the settling in blues, but what happens when they just never seem to fade? That feeling of arrival at the school gates with no definite person to stand next to. A blank space on the emergency contact list and yet another Saturday night when you’ve joined together with a bunch of people who seem so vastly different than you. We often talk of living the fat expat.. Read More

Episode 18 – The Best Place I’ve Ever Lived

If you’ve lived in multiple locations the question invariably arises. “So which one was your favourite?” It’s a question so many expats have trouble answering. Being asked to choose your favourite location is a little like being asked to choose your favourite child. Often there is no one clear favourite, they were all good for different reasons. Maybe you were financially better off in the Middle East while your lifestyle.. Read More

Episode 17 – Expat Divorce

Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats. Today we discuss the subject of expat divorce and why an expat divorce is vastly different from an ordinary divorce in your home country. We heard from two women, both who have gone through divorce on what they learned, and what they would have done differently. We wanted to say thank you to Vanessa and Nicky, their stories showed what.. Read More

Episode 16 – What’s It Like To Repatriate?

On today’s episode Kirsty and I discuss the thought of repatriation. Something neither of us has had to do but something that is always in the back of our mind. Why is going home such a scary thing to so many expats? What happens when we get home? What does it look like? Is it harder to make friends? Can we start again or do we just pick up where we.. Read More

Episode 15 – The Expat Bubble

In this episode of Two Fat Expats we chat about living inside an expat bubble. This article written by Alyssa Abkowitz from the Wall Street Journal focuses on expats need to live in an expat bubble. Kirsty talked about her recent trip to Dubai and being in the expat bubble because she was really just living her every day life. There is a huge difference between travelling through a country and.. Read More

Episode 14 – Expat Sex

In this episode we cover the sometimes taboo subject of sex. We have some hilarious stories to share this episode, so if you like a good laugh this is the one for you. In the Middle East, many websites are quickly blocked whenever you search anything sex related. Now though with VPNs and technology, finding sex online is much easier. That sexy book you’ve always wanted to read? You can now.. Read More

On The Road – Ali Longmate

Hello and welcome to a new series for Two Fat Expats. Our podcast will now be coming to you twice a week. On Mondays you can tune in and listen to our normal format where Kirsty and I discuss all things expat. Thursdays is the day for our new series “On the Road”. Kirsty and I will be interviewing expats both from all over the world, we have some really interesting.. Read More

Episode 13 – The Empty Expat Nest

In this episode Kirsty and Sarah discuss the expat empty nest. What happens when your children go off to boarding school or university. Kirsty shared her personal story of getting ready to send her eldest daughter to boarding school in Australia. You can read more of Kirsty’s story on her blog. A lot of the discussion centered around other people’s reactions and perhaps the best way to deal with negative.. Read More