Making Expat Life Large

Expat food, how do you find it? – Season 2 – Episode 13

Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats, where we believe you should live a fat expat life. How do you source good food as an expat? For many of us living away from the comfort food of home we need to adapt and source food that we may never have even eaten before. As expats we substitute ingredients, cook from scratch and buy weird and wonderful fruits and.. Read More

Staycations – Season 2 – Episode 12

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Two Fat Expats. This week, Sarah and Kirsty are talking about staycations. When’s the best time for a staycation and how to make the most of your time. We spoke to the lovely Mascha who is currently living in Amsterdam but had some amazing staycations in New York City. We had great responses from our listeners on the Facebook page who shared.. Read More

The Two Fat Expats Christmas Special – Season 2 – Episode 11

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Two Fat Expats. Obviously not all expats celebrate Christmas but what does it look like for those who do? Do you head home to see family and friends like Kirsty does each year, or do you stay in your adopted country and celebrate with other expat orphans like Sarah? We spoke to some wonderful expat women who shared their Christmas traditions which are.. Read More

Season 2 – Episode 10 – What’s it like for the parents of expats?

We talk a lot about what it’s like living an expat life but what is it like to be on the other side? The parents who watch their children leave on overseas adventures. Grandparents who see their grandchildren more on Skype and FaceTime than in real life.  A big thank you to Sarah’s Mum, Pip for sharing her feelings and thoughts on being the parent of an expat and also.. Read More

Season 2 – Episode 9 – Where were you during the terror attacks?

Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats. It’s been a week since the dreadful terror attacks in Paris and where we have seen awful atrocities occur across the globe. As expats when a terror attack occurs we invariably have friends visiting or living in that city. What is it like being an expat during a terror attack? Do you pack up and leave or do you stay and.. Read More

Season 2 – Episode 8 – Expat Boy Meets Expat Girl

Hello and welcome back to another episode of Two Fat Expats, where we believe you should live a fat expat life and get the most out of your fat expat life. Expat boy meets expat girl, they fall in love and start to plan a wedding. What does that look like? As with pretty much everything in the expat world if you put the word “expat” in front of a.. Read More

Season 2 – Episode 7 – Expats with Special Needs

Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats. This week we spoke to Taisha and Kelly about what it’s like to be an expat family traveling with a child with special needs. Both women had such a wonderful approach to life and we are sure will provide inspiration to any parents in the same situation. Articles Living Abroad with a Special Needs Child  Moving to Italy with a.. Read More

Season 2 – Episode 6 – Expat Adoption

Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats where we believe you should live your expat life to the absolute fullest, a fat expat life. Today we talk to three amazing women about their journey through the adoption process as expats. Three very different stories that we felt needed to be told. This episode is not about how to adopt, we are not an authority on the matter but.. Read More

Season 2 – Episode 5 – Your Best Holiday

Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats where we love to live a large, fat, expat life. Today’s episode is going to be a fun one. What is the best holiday you’ve been on? One of the perks of expat life is the ability to travel. So where do you go? What is the best vacation if you’ve got young kids? What adventure can you take your.. Read More

Season 2 – Episode 4 – What I’ve Learnt

Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats. Thank you to everyone who tunes in each week and for all your lovely reviews of the show. This episode is all about what you’ve learnt as an expat. For many expat women, they’ve had to leave behind a career at home and have had to learn to carve out a new career for themselves in their adopted home. It may.. Read More

Season 2 – Episode 3 – The Re-Entry Blues

Hello and welcome to Episode Three of the Two Fat Expats where we believe that expat life should be lived to the fullest…a phat expat life if you will. In this episode we’re talking about re-entry. How do you feel when you return home from a holiday? Do you get straight back into your expat life or do you suffer the re-entry blues? We spoke to two expats this episode.. Read More

Season 2 – Episode 2 – When are you coming home?

Hello and welcome to Episode Two. Kirsty and Sarah are back recording together under the bunk bed. A question we as expats get asked a lot is “When are you coming home?” How do we answer that question? Does it bring a lot of guilt with it? Have you stopped being asked that question because you’ve been away for so long? We cover all that and more in today’s episode… Read More

Expat Cancer – Seaon Two – Episode One

Hello and welcome to Season 2! Have you missed us? At the end of last season Kirsty and Sarah were having a giggle over not leaving you with a cliffhanger like they do in TV shows. Well we’ve managed to bring season 2 in with a bang. This week we’re talking about cancer. Oh happy times! With Kirsty’s recent diagnosis we realized that expat cancer is a little different than.. Read More

What’s On Your List? – Season One – Episode 27

It all began with this post. I have a little list in my phone, it gets added to throughout the year when I think of something I’m missing from home, or perhaps after I’ve exhausted the local stores in Doha looking for something I just know I could find easily in a department store in Australia. This week on Two Fat Expats we’re asking “what’s on your list?”. What do.. Read More

I’m From Here You’re From There – When you are your partner are from different countries – Season One – Episode 26

Welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats. Firstly, our apologies for no into song this week. We’ve had all sorts of technical problems at Two Fat Expats Headquarters. Our intro song that we went to the trouble of recording before Kirsty headed off to Australia went with her laptop to laptop heaven. Shall we all just take a moment in silence while we remember all of those laptops and.. Read More