Hello, we’re finally back after a ‘summer’ break for the Two Fat Expats.

This is the first episode of our fourth season. This season we’re changing it up a bit, bringing in a ‘What’s Hot’ in the Facebook group segment to the party while still including a topic per episode where we examine an issue in a bit more depth from an expat point of view, and of course our favourite things on the web and social media round up. This week, we’re kicking off with friends and how to make and keep them. A skill that every expat needs because new locations = new friends.

Articles mentioned

How to Make Friends as an adult 

How Friends become closer

After you listen we want you to come to the website and send us your ‘my first expat friend’ experience on our speakpipe / messenger button. We’re going to include your stories next week.

Here’s the links to the social media discussed in this episode:

Kirsty’s social media

Watching – The Handmaid’s Tale  and Atypical 

Reading – The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape

Podcasts – Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Nikki’s social media

Podcasts – No Such Thing As A Fish

Watching – Top Of The Lake

Facebook Group Expat Kids Learning Differently 

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