Time for a girls night out? Are you ready to have a good laugh? Hoping to meet and make some new expat friends?

You have to come along to one of our Big Fat Expat Meetups.

We love a good story on the podcast and like most expat women we also love to sit back, relax and hear the stories of others about their expat adventures.

If you think you’d like to share a story on the night here’s a few ideas on how to get started.

  1. Pick a story that you love. Your story should be true, personal, and related in some way to the theme.
  2. Tell it to several different people you know to see if they would like to hear it in a live storytelling environment.
  3. Write about the story or create an outline. Focus on the moments that push the story forward; cut out things that don’t.
  4. Edit. Ask yourself: How did the experience change me? Include places for self-reflection in your story. How is the story universal? What larger themes does my story touch upon? Does my story have details that make the story come alive? Add them.
  5. Pare the story down to an outline with a clear beginning (may tie into theme), several plot points or turning point in the middle, and a clear ending (that resolves the story) including the final line of your story. Don’t be afraid to get into the emotional meat of your story right away.
  6. Rehearse your story. Time yourself; trim the story as needed so it is 4 1/2 – 5 minutes long. Practice out loud until you can tell it without notes, props or cues in under 5 minutes. When you think you are ready rehearse some more.
  7. Come to the Big Fat Expat Meetup and Share Your Story**

** not everyone that comes to a Big Fat Expat Meetup has to share their story, it’s completely voluntary, there are sharers and there are listeners in the world and we absolutely appreciate that, however if you would like to share your story email us at twofatexpats@gmail.com so we can help you get started

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