Welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats.

Firstly, our apologies for no into song this week. We’ve had all sorts of technical problems at Two Fat Expats Headquarters. Our intro song that we went to the trouble of recording before Kirsty headed off to Australia went with her laptop to laptop heaven. Shall we all just take a moment in silence while we remember all of those laptops and their owners and the mountains of lost files and photos in the sky.

This week we look at expat relationships and in particular cross cultural relationships. Do we choose who we fall in love with?

Kirsty and Sarah discus what it’s like when you and your partner are from different countries and different cultures.

How often in a relationship do you look at your husband like he’s some sort of alien? In everyday life women can often look at men like they’re from another planet – so what happens when they’re also from another culture. Is this a Norwegian thing? Or is this a Ethiopian thing? Or is this just a man thing?

We spoke to the lovely Signe who is from Colorado and married a Norwegian. Signe gave us some great insight into how that relationship works, especially when children are involved.

We found some great articles on interracial/intercultural marriages:

Challenges of an Interracial Marriage

There’s no Secret to a Happy Marriage

Coping Strategies for Intercultural Marriages

Why Expats Marry Foreigners and Then What Happens

Sarah’s Hashtag Pick: #trumpyourcat People of the internet are uniting to take the mickey out of Donald Trump, by transforming their cats into look-a-like Trumps. Think bad combovers made from shredded fur! It’s brilliant because…cats…and the Internet.

Sarah’s Blog Pick: One Month in a Carry On by Clumsy Chic. I don’t know how she does it! I am the worst packer in the world and pretty much take everything except the kitchen sink! Karen spent a month in Asia and was able to pack clothes to make over 30 outfits and it was all stored in a carry on!

Kirsty’s Podcast Pick: Story Club. Stories told live from the Giant Dwarf Theatre. Episode 7 Annabel Crabb recalls ‘the agony and ecstasy of foreign-correspondent-ism’.

Thank you to everyone who has been tuning in. We’ve had some technical difficulties of late and it’s been a little stressful recording from opposite ends of the world but we are getting there. Please feel free to share our episodes with your friends or head on over to iTunes and leave a review.

See you next week.


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