If you’ve lived in multiple locations the question invariably arises. “So which one was your favourite?”

It’s a question so many expats have trouble answering. Being asked to choose your favourite location is a little like being asked to choose your favourite child. Often there is no one clear favourite, they were all good for different reasons.

Maybe you were financially better off in the Middle East while your lifestyle was fabulous in Europe. While the food was the highlight in Asia, you’d never been healthier while living in Nigeria. Each location has its highlights and low-lights, but if you were pushed to answer which was your favourite what you would you say? And why?

Internations conducted a survey with rankings decided by asking these questions:

General Quality of Life Index?
Ease of Settling In Index?
Working Abroad Index?
Family Life Index (where applicable),
Personal Finance Index?
As well as “How satisfied are you with life abroad in general?”.

We spoke to some wonderful women who have lived all over the world and asked them where their favourite place was to live. Some of the answers might surprise you! A big thank you to Sue B, Sam, Linda, Sue McD, Sarah P, Phoebe, Sarah W, Nikki and Clelia. Apologies to Milana who gave such a great interview but we had technical difficulties and couldn’t produce her interview.

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Sarah’s Blog and Instagram Pick: The Hybrids – Ahmad & Ascia are a husband and wife fashion blogging team from Kuwait. Both are of mixed heritage, and thus call themselves “hybrids”. This is their personal style photo diary. You can follow Ascia on Instagram @ASCIA_AKF

Sarah’s Book Pick: “Beijing Tai Tai” by Tania McCartney. Former expat and blogger and now children’s book author. Tania’s book is all about expat life in Beijing and I loved how many similarities there were to my life here in Doha.

Kirsty’s TV Pick: Mad Men. The final episode is being played this week and Kirsty is devastated.

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