In this episode of Two Fat Expats, we discuss what happens when your expat child heads off to University. Have you ever considered that your expat child may repatriate without you? What’s different about going to university for an expat child compared to a child who has stayed in their home country their whole life?

We were very lucky to speak to Daniel an expat kid who moved to the States from Qatar to attend university. Daniel has lived in many different countries and his take on going to university was brilliant. For any parents out there about to go through this themselves, you will really enjoy listening to Daniel and his tips on how to cope.

There are are some great articles out there for parents and children:

“Child Gone off to University?”

“How to Handle the first University Term”

“Planning for your Children’s Education”


Passionate Parenting Seminars

Here’s a link to seminars and online counselling for expat parents who have to say goodbye to their kids as they head off to university.

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