Making Expat Life Large

Can I offer anyone a drink? Season 4 – Episode 7

Drinks anyone? In  Season 4 – Episode 7 we talked about drinking habits of expats. There were many heartfelt responses from the group both in the public forum and sent privately to us as administrators. Other topics from the Two Fat Expats Facebook group this week, finding a Uni in the UK, facebook memories after relocation (and repatriation) and the sadness they bring, and the #metoo social media reach. Repatriation.. Read More

Leading Ladies. Season 4 – Episode 6

Lets discuss Leading Ladies! In Season 4 – Episode 6 we discussed when females are in the Lead Expat role. We went old school and bought back the longer form interview. From the Two Fat Expats Facebook group this week, transferring money, expat divorce, living in limbo and moving from hot to cold. Two earlier episodes where we covered topics related to Expat Divorce. Season 1, Episode 17 – Expat.. Read More

The how and why of your Expat life – Season 4 – Episode 5

Welcome back to Season 4, Episode 5. In the Facebook group this week,  Hong Kong vs Singapore, Skype tips with the family, the people who help you settle without you really realising it and what’s your name (the one your kids call you), does it change with different places? Hot Topic of the week was the how and why you started your Expat life (let’s not say journey). We talked.. Read More

Elections, do you get your Expat say? Season 4 – Episode 4

Hello it’s Season 4, Episode 4 and we’re back with all the big posts of the last week. Those discussions included VPN’s, access to english books, mail and bill management while expat-ing and a big hello to our 54 group members in Port Moresby! Hot Topic of the week was Elections and how involved you are / can be depending on your nationality in your ‘home’ country elections and if.. Read More