Making Expat Life Large

Boozy Australians, Organised Americans and Hemp wearing Europeans, we’re all here. Season 4 – Episode 3

Can you believe we’re already at Season 4, Episode 3? This season is flying by. Posts that were big in the group this week, celebrating without having taking actual tonnes of things with you to each location, an interview with Donna, and looking for volunteering opportunities when you move. Hot Topic of the week was a little tongue in cheek and involved discussion of the school gate and all the.. Read More

Powerless and Pissed or In the Driving Seat? Season 4 – Episode 2

Welcome to Season Four, Episode Two. We’re back with our new season and new format, still trying a few things out. Posts that were big in the group this week, return locations, Doha Book Group, the life of a container and Russian washing machine settings. Hot Topic of the week was how you feel in your current situation, powerless or powerful or somewhere in between? Lots of great insights from.. Read More

How to make friends when you’re an expat – Season 4 – Episode 1

Hello, we’re finally back after a ‘summer’ break for the Two Fat Expats. This is the first episode of our fourth season. This season we’re changing it up a bit, bringing in a ‘What’s Hot’ in the Facebook group segment to the party while still including a topic per episode where we examine an issue in a bit more depth from an expat point of view, and of course our.. Read More