Making Expat Life Large

Expat Real Estate – Season 2 – Episode 14

Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats. Expat real estate for some is owning a dream home back in their home country, a place they can return home to for a few months each year. For others, it can mean a holiday house, or an investment property or no property at all. For Kirsty, having a home base to return to throughout the year is important for the.. Read More

Expat food, how do you find it? – Season 2 – Episode 13

Hello and welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats, where we believe you should live a fat expat life. How do you source good food as an expat? For many of us living away from the comfort food of home we need to adapt and source food that we may never have even eaten before. As expats we substitute ingredients, cook from scratch and buy weird and wonderful fruits and.. Read More

Staycations – Season 2 – Episode 12

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Two Fat Expats. This week, Sarah and Kirsty are talking about staycations. When’s the best time for a staycation and how to make the most of your time. We spoke to the lovely Mascha who is currently living in Amsterdam but had some amazing staycations in New York City. We had great responses from our listeners on the Facebook page who shared.. Read More