Making Expat Life Large

Season 2 – Episode 2 – When are you coming home?

Hello and welcome to Episode Two. Kirsty and Sarah are back recording together under the bunk bed. A question we as expats get asked a lot is “When are you coming home?” How do we answer that question? Does it bring a lot of guilt with it? Have you stopped being asked that question because you’ve been away for so long? We cover all that and more in today’s episode… Read More

Expat Cancer – Seaon Two – Episode One

Hello and welcome to Season 2! Have you missed us? At the end of last season Kirsty and Sarah were having a giggle over not leaving you with a cliffhanger like they do in TV shows. Well we’ve managed to bring season 2 in with a bang. This week we’re talking about cancer. Oh happy times! With Kirsty’s recent diagnosis we realized that expat cancer is a little different than.. Read More