Making Expat Life Large

What’s On Your List? – Season One – Episode 27

It all began with this post. I have a little list in my phone, it gets added to throughout the year when I think of something I’m missing from home, or perhaps after I’ve exhausted the local stores in Doha looking for something I just know I could find easily in a department store in Australia. This week on Two Fat Expats we’re asking “what’s on your list?”. What do.. Read More

I’m From Here You’re From There – When you are your partner are from different countries – Season One – Episode 26

Welcome to another episode of Two Fat Expats. Firstly, our apologies for no into song this week. We’ve had all sorts of technical problems at Two Fat Expats Headquarters. Our intro song that we went to the trouble of recording before Kirsty headed off to Australia went with her laptop to laptop heaven. Shall we all just take a moment in silence while we remember all of those laptops and.. Read More