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New Format – Start Here

Can you believe it, we’re actually back on the air. Summer was long and hot for Kirsty, with a new house and splitting her kids between countries but now she’s back on the ground in Qatar. Nikki went to Bali for a couple of weeks and for now  Hamburg is turning on the sunshine in a surprising February. The break gave us some time to re-think the podcast format and.. Read More

Before You Go – Season 4 – Episode 9

In this episode our Hot Topic was Things to Do Before You Go. Kirsty posted about how she was feeling in the weeks and days before the final decision was made in the company merger. Both 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle and the Two Fat Expats group had lots of great advice. You can hear it all in this week’s podcast, along with the the other regular chatter… Read More

International Schools, educating expats. Season 4 – Episode 8

International Schooling, first discussed in Season 1 Episode 10, is revisited this week as there is always so much to discuss. In  Season 4 – Episode 8 we discuss the many facets of international schooling. We were also lucky to interview an International School parent and an International School teacher.  Other topics from the Two Fat Expats Facebook group this week, the amazing Two Fat Expats location map, explain your.. Read More

Can I offer anyone a drink? Season 4 – Episode 7

Drinks anyone? In  Season 4 – Episode 7 we talked about drinking habits of expats. There were many heartfelt responses from the group both in the public forum and sent privately to us as administrators. Other topics from the Two Fat Expats Facebook group this week, finding a Uni in the UK, facebook memories after relocation (and repatriation) and the sadness they bring, and the #metoo social media reach. Repatriation.. Read More

Leading Ladies. Season 4 – Episode 6

Lets discuss Leading Ladies! In Season 4 – Episode 6 we discussed when females are in the Lead Expat role. We went old school and bought back the longer form interview. From the Two Fat Expats Facebook group this week, transferring money, expat divorce, living in limbo and moving from hot to cold. Two earlier episodes where we covered topics related to Expat Divorce. Season 1, Episode 17 – Expat.. Read More

The how and why of your Expat life – Season 4 – Episode 5

Welcome back to Season 4, Episode 5. In the Facebook group this week,  Hong Kong vs Singapore, Skype tips with the family, the people who help you settle without you really realising it and what’s your name (the one your kids call you), does it change with different places? Hot Topic of the week was the how and why you started your Expat life (let’s not say journey). We talked.. Read More

Elections, do you get your Expat say? Season 4 – Episode 4

Hello it’s Season 4, Episode 4 and we’re back with all the big posts of the last week. Those discussions included VPN’s, access to english books, mail and bill management while expat-ing and a big hello to our 54 group members in Port Moresby! Hot Topic of the week was Elections and how involved you are / can be depending on your nationality in your ‘home’ country elections and if.. Read More

Boozy Australians, Organised Americans and Hemp wearing Europeans, we’re all here. Season 4 – Episode 3

Can you believe we’re already at Season 4, Episode 3? This season is flying by. Posts that were big in the group this week, celebrating without having taking actual tonnes of things with you to each location, an interview with Donna, and looking for volunteering opportunities when you move. Hot Topic of the week was a little tongue in cheek and involved discussion of the school gate and all the.. Read More

Powerless and Pissed or In the Driving Seat? Season 4 – Episode 2

Welcome to Season Four, Episode Two. We’re back with our new season and new format, still trying a few things out. Posts that were big in the group this week, return locations, Doha Book Group, the life of a container and Russian washing machine settings. Hot Topic of the week was how you feel in your current situation, powerless or powerful or somewhere in between? Lots of great insights from.. Read More

How to make friends when you’re an expat – Season 4 – Episode 1

Hello, we’re finally back after a ‘summer’ break for the Two Fat Expats. This is the first episode of our fourth season. This season we’re changing it up a bit, bringing in a ‘What’s Hot’ in the Facebook group segment to the party while still including a topic per episode where we examine an issue in a bit more depth from an expat point of view, and of course our.. Read More

Best. Holidays. Ever. – Season 3 – Episode 26

Hello and welcome to the last episode of Season 3 for Two Fat Expats, where we believe everyone should live a fat expat life. We finally bring you (from the editing suite floor) the curtain closing episode of Season 3 and it’s a goody filled with exotic locations from all over the world. Where is your favourite holiday destination and why? We had a great response via voicemail and share.. Read More

Real or Overreaction – Season 3 Episode 25

Hello and welcome to Season 3 – Episode 25 of Two Fat Expats, where we believe everyone should live a fat expat life. We did a bait and switch for this week’s episode, while we had planned an epic episode about your favourite holiday destinations, real life got the front seat and we swerved around holidays, to land on the current situation in the Middle East (no we’re not a.. Read More

Big Fat Expat Meet Up Shanghai – Season 3 – Episode 24

Welcome back to Season 3 – Episode 24 of Two Fat Expats, where we believe everyone should live a fat expat life. Last week we both flew to Shanghai for a fabulous weekend at our sponsor hotel the Shangri-La Jing An, Shanghai. On Saturday night we had the Big Fat Expat Meet Up, where we hung out in the 1515 Raw Bar with some amazing international women who were blog lovers and sometimes.. Read More

Boarding School Expat Style – Season 3 – Episode 23

Welcome back to Season 3 – Episode 23 of Two Fat Expats, where we believe everyone should live a fat expat life. This week we are talking expat kids and boarding school and have a very special guest on the podcast. Kirsty’s oldest daughter Lizzie joins for a cracking mother and daughter interview well worth the listen. We then wax lyrical about 13 Reasons Why, because, what else is anyone talking.. Read More

TCK’s all grown up (Part II) – Season 3 – Episode 22

Welcome back to Season 3 – Episode 22 of Two Fat Expats, where we believe everyone should live a fat expat life. This week is part two of our special two part episode on Adult TCK’s. So many amazing Third Culture Adult’s sent in their stories to us to listen to, we didn’t want to edit them down too much or to miss any so we are making this a two episode topic… Read More